Aug 6, 2009

Species confusion?

Tim has a rabbit. A French Lop to be precise. The rabbit (named Wookie) was given to him for free because the owner was a rabbit breeder who raised show rabbits and Wookie cannot be shown for, you see, he has an unfortunate deformity. Although we have been assured that what he has should work perfectly adequately, he does not have sufficient quantity for show purposes. You see, in pretty much every show arena, goat, dog, and rabbit, to show a male animal, the animal has to have perfectly normal reproductive equipment and where Wookie should have two of something he just has one.

I'll let you read between the lines, here.

Anyway, Wookie is a very large lap rabbit. Very friendly, very personable. He lives in a run of sorts, having the space to hop around and do rabbit-type things. With all of our free-range chickens it has occurred from time to time that a chicken lays an egg in Wookie's run. When this happens we make quips about Wookie the Easter Bunny. A few days ago Wookie was seen half lying on the eggs as if incubating them. Momma hen wasn't too thrilled with that and was trying to persuade Wookie to move by pecking his back. Wookie was oblivious and stayed where he was.

Well Wookie has become a Daddy. Or a Mommy. Or Something.

Those eggs hatched today. We have gone from Easter Bunny with eggs to Easter Bunny with baby chicks. Too bad we are just a few months late for Easter!

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