Aug 3, 2009

Now that is innovative...

This morning while folding laundry I bemoaned the fact that my smaller, round laundry baskets that I like to sort things into kept disappearing. I sent Liberty to see if she could find some, but she returned empty handed.

Apparently Noah found one, though.

This evening while Katie and I were hanging cheese in the processing room she suddenly started laughing outloud. Consumed with fits of hysteria she pointed out the window. Cheese forgotten, she and I watched Noah chase the ducks around and around in circles, laundry basket in hand. Periodically he would apparently feel that he was close enough and he would toss the basket at the ducks, using it as a plastic net. Last I saw he hadn't yet caught any in his laundry basket turned duck catcher.

Other farm happenings...yet another chicken decided to hatch her batch of chicks right in the middle of the goat pen. We pretty easily caught the babies, momma was another matter altogether. Finally we led momma, with chicks in hand, to a chicken tractor where she was safely ensconced with her babies to keep them safe from Pedernales the Mean LaMancha who likes to step on the tails of baby chicks to hear them squawk.

We lost a bunny to the heat. Have I mentioned that I hate rabbits? I don't really, but it is so discouraging and sad to lose any animal and rabbits seem more fragile than the average farm animal. Except for baby turkeys. They are the dumbest of them all--except when it comes to trying to find ways to die. They are good at that.

Lemon-blueberry chevre sold the fastest at the farmer's markets this past week. One customer in Austin called it "insane". I agree. Spicy was my favorite until this one. We still need a Texas name for it. Spice is "Texas Summer Heat", garlic and chive is "Texas Two Step", and plain is "Simply Texan". Any suggestions?

Tim made me join facebook. Now he is irked that he is barely staying ahead of me in the 'friends' department. Hey, he pushed the issue, he gets what he deserves, right? Actually I hope he ends up with far more. I have a hard enough time keeping up here on the blog. He is "Swede Farm" I am, predictably, LeeAnne Carlson. Original, huh?

I mentioned at the dinner table last night that I need to make appointments for dental check-ups for the kids. The littles asked what that was, so in as upbeat and cheerful a tone as I could muster, given the subject matter, I described the dentist looking in their mouth with a fancy mirror, etc. Apparently it worked way too well, for I have been asked no less than half a dozen times today "did you call the dentist yet?" I guess there are worse problems than to have your 4 year old wanting to go to the dentist.

Like your airconditioner not working up to snuff in Texas in August. Like ours.

Oh well.

3 comments: said...

You need to add a facebook button to your blog so people can add you. :)

CamsShel said...

BLUE-berries, BLUE-bonnets...what could be more TXN? Maybe Tangy Texas Bluebonnet? LOL

Liese4 said...

Texas spit-fire!