Jul 29, 2009

So, about the movie...

I made reference a week or so ago about a film crew. I have been asked to explain. So, here goes...

Tim, MrFilmCamerasWillNeverBeOnThisProperty--WhoDoYouThinkWeAre,TheDuggars? came home from market one day to say "oh and by the way I told a guy he could shoot a movie here..."

Seems he met someone looking for a farm. They wanted a farm, a farm family and animals to milk. MrNeverEver stood firm by his principles and said "sure, come on out!"

So on July 20 we had the cast and crew for the independent film "MarfaRed" on the property. The kids had a blast learning all about the equipment. They also learned all about panic and finances when their dad turned ashen and hoarsely whispered "six thousand dollars? put the microphone down, Emma, oh! gently! and just step back, that's a good girl..."

About the film--

"MarfaRed is a feature-length film to be shot in Houston and West Texas about three people who come together by chance and together take a road trip to Marfa, TX where their lives are forever changed. A terminally ill woman seeking a cure, an ex-con seeking redemption, and a British artist seeking adventure make up the quirky characters in this film. Each one is looking for something to give them hope when hope is in short supply.

As they share profound experiences across the Texas landscape from big cities to barren desert towns, what started as a convenient ride becomes much more - an opportunity to heal the deepest wounds that only love with no strings attached can do."

Anyway, Swede Farm was the location used to introduce the characters to the healing nature of, well, nature. The Carlson family played, well, the farm family. And the goats? They played, well, goats!

We all had a blast. It was a great learning experience and may, just maybe, one of these days we'll see Lightnin's udder on the big screen.

An article about one of the cast members...and one about the director.

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