Jul 30, 2009

I can't believe he did it!

Years ago when I was a young mom of only young children I had a dear friend who was also a young mom of only young children. (Now those young children are young adults, some with young children of their own.)

My friend and I would often call each other mid-afternoon in amazement, saying " She did it again!" It was always a "she" because my friend and I each only had girls, at that point, three or four, each. The "it" was grow up. It seemed as if they grew before our eyes. We would put them down for naps and when they woke up from those naps every few weeks one of them was noticeably older. It could have been their face that seemed slightly more mature, older expressions. It could have been a new word or way of walking. Whatever it was, it was both eerie and exciting. Our babies were growing up!

Well, it wasn't quite as dramatic as during a nap, but Seth grew up this weekend. I left at around three in the afternoon on Sunday. I arrived home at Midnight, Tuesday morning. Grace brought him to me as soon as I got home so I could see/cuddle/nurse him...and he had grown. My, had he grown! I chastised her for teasing me by bringing me Judah instead of Seth! And he didn't just get bigger, he got older. He is walking away from cuddles in order to play. he is doing quirky things to see us laugh. He is deliberately doing that which we have told him not to do. Ah yes, I had forgotten about that stage of growing up. Not sure how I could have. I guess each baby is so new, so fresh, so delicious that you forget at the end of babyhood comes...toddlerhood. We have reached that point. Seth is no longer baby, he is now toddler.

I miss my baby, already.

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