Jul 1, 2009


Some weeks ago I was moaning and groaning about rain and the soggy state of Swede Farm.

I take it aaaaallllll back.

After that we didn't have any rain at all. And I wasn't complaining. I enjoyed the lack of mud and the nice clean udders that were showing up in the milkroom. The reduced laundry pile was great and not having to worry about the vans getting stuck in mud when we drove to the dairy to load up for market was nice as well. Not having to deal with the huge mosquitoes that we get out here in the woods was really, REALLY nice!

Then it got hotter. And drier. All that sand that we spread to aid in drainage during wet times mocked us, making it feel like another dust bowl. Keeping on top of filling animal waterers was a constant worry and the goat's hooves became so hard that trimming them called for power tools! I watched the corn get drier and drier and more and more brown and worried about the hay crop for local farmers.

Well...it has rained! And the forecast gives us up to a 30% chance of more rain pretty much every day this week! I hope it does rain. Every day.

But if I can put in an order with God...I'll take it in three or four even portions, of about an inch each, please.

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