Jul 2, 2009

Ugh. That time of month...chore charts

Didn't we just do this?

Oh yeah, we DID just do this! I forgot, we had to make some changes mid-month due to things not really working well.

Anyway here we are at the first of the month and it is time to change jobs. Except that I don't wanna. For the most part things have been working pretty well. So when Sara comes to me earnestly requesting to be moved because she has had the same job for four of the last six months I want to satisfy her request but when I look at things I really can't. If I move someone into her slot we will not only lose the efficiency that she has developed, we will also lose the efficiency we have gained in the other areas. And we have a general rule of thumb--you keep a job until you are 1)good at it and 2)no longer complain about it. We have two children who have not yet satisfied those requirements and it would not be fair for them to get out of them.

So things are largely staying as they are with a few minor changes. Grace had horses, hogs and herd health last month. These jobs are usually pretty short and simple and easy to finish in a timely fashion whereas the one who was in charge of the main areas of the house (Linnea) was drowning. So we took the bathrooms from Linnea and gave them to Grace. We took the rest of the "main areas" designation from 'Nea and gave it to Christin. We have putting away laundry to Linnea. The clothes drawers and such need some organizing and she is very good at that. Plus she finds it to be a self confidence booster to bring order to something. Perfect.

Unfortunately Sara has to stay where she is. But we did take one other job that has been burdening her and give it away so she seems somewhat relieved plus I think she appreciated knowing how much we depend upon her to keep things moving smoothly in the dairy.

Done. For now, at least.

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