Jul 10, 2009

Market tomorrow

We have instituted a new plan. In weeks past Friday night has been hellish. We stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning, only to have to get up no later than 5 to pack the vans and leave for market.

Now the plan is based on bribery, plain and simple. If the vans get packed and all product is labeled and ready to be loaded in ice chests by 4pm on Friday then we will have a pizza and movie night on Friday. Everyone will have to be involved, but that is OK, everyone has skills that can be put to use. Whatever do farms do who do not have seven year old girls around to help label bottles? After all, no one plays with stickers better than a little girl!

We will be a bit behind today, we have to wait until after tonight's milking in order to have all of the milk that we need, but if all else is done by then, that shouldn't be too bad.

We shall see how it goes!

OH, and I guess I should rephrase it...this plan is based on incentives. Bribery is what is offered to entice one to do something illegal or immoral. Incentives are rewards for appropriate and positive actions. Sounds good to me!


Nathan said...

Incentives! Hehe. Excellent economics.

Mrs. Laughter said...

I think a post stating what movie each week is in order... I might have to come work for the right movie! ;)