Jul 13, 2009


Some good friends invited us to their house for dinner. After dinner their teenaged son was riding the 4-wheeler and flipped it. Witnesses said he took a turn way too sharp. He swore that he didn't, that something was wrong with the steering. Anyway he flipped it onto himself and broke his collarbone.

An hour or so later dd Katie (21 yrs old) decided to ride it. Dh says that he was watching and she was NOT going fast or making sharp turns but made a gentle turn and the thing flipped again. Turns out that there was something wrong with the steering. She hit the back of her head and that hurts, more so now than at first. The 4wheeler apparently hit her leg as she rolled out from under it just before it landed on her. She had an almost instantaneous swollen bruised area bigger than my hand on the side of her calf. It hurts her to walk but not to touch unless you are touching directly on the bruise. Her tushie and thigh on the other side are quite sore as well. She is intermittently nauseated and crying.

Knowing that she does not handle pain well and that she was scared and embarrassed we decided to send her to bed and have someone sleep in the room with her to get us if we are needed. I think it is likely that she is sl in shock and it hurts but that it is magnified for her right now due to the emotional side of it. She took ibuprofen and arnica.

And here we thought that the biggest issue of the evening would be a possible exposure to chickenpox!

And I thought it was the toddler boys who were turning my hair gray!

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Dee said...

so is she better today?