Jun 24, 2009

He's here!

Our friends arrived with our new buckling this afternoon! He is beautiful, big, white and named in honor of our friends, "Jarvis".

Now before y'all all chime in with one voice "But WAIT! We thought all animals on Swede Farm had to have TEXAS names!" Let me assure you that we haven't broken from tradition.

From The Handbook of Texas Online...

"JARVIS, TEXAS. Jarvis was on the Texas State Railroad at the intersection of two country roads just south of U.S. Highway 84, some ten miles east of Palestine in southeastern Anderson County. The community was the site of an unsuccessful oil-drilling operation in 1909. In the 1930s it had a number of dwellings, two churches, and one business. A 1982 map showed a few scattered dwellings at Jarvis, while a church, called Fields Chapel, was located a half mile north on U.S. Highway 84. By 1985 Jarvis was no longer named on the county highway map, though the church still stood. "

His "official", American Dairy Goat Association registered name has yet to be finalized, but he is Jarvis as far as we are concerned.

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CamsShel said...

I guess you haven't found the camera yet? :-) I wanna see a picture!