Jun 22, 2009

Crazy Times

Ever wish life were just a wee bit less full so that you could actually enjoy a little bit of it?

Ever have those days (weeks? Months?) where it seems as if you go from one potential disaster to another, trying to keep every plate in the air even as the tumble around you?

Feels like my life.

We fried the heating elements on the pasteurizer a few days ago. Ouch. Expensive and a real hiccup in our dairy. Our neighbor, who is worth his weight in gold, came over to give us the diagnosis (he is a master electrician) but more importantly, he cheered Tim up.

The green van decided that it did it's job in getting me to market on Saturday, so why did it need to shift higher than first gear for the 60 mile drive home?

Oldest daughter turned 21 on Saturday. We wanted to do something really big for her. Instead we did three markets and a very very late birthday dinner. (I think it was ten?)

Father's Day Sunday. Tim got to sleep in (which meant that we missed church...sigh). We spent Fathers day going and buying the water heater heating elements which we pray will work in the pasteurizer for now (they do) and then going to the emergency room in Navasota for a split eyelid in Judah (they were able to glue it) then home again for the same wonderful neighbor to come install the heaters. The fancy dinner that we were going to make did indeed get made...and was eaten at 11:40pm. (Barely made that one in time for Father's Day!)

And have I told you that we are now making cheese for a select few markets?

As a wise man once told me "it all adds up to rich life experiences". Rich life experiences. yes, indeedy.

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