May 29, 2009

Temper tantrum

That is me. I am having a temper tantrum.


I have a very nice, very large washer. I got it 2 years ago. It was a leap of faith because it was so new that Consumer Reports (my faithful friend) said they didn't have any real idea as to longevity or common problems. But I bought it anyway and I loveloveLOVE it. It is a LG Steamwasher. Not the snazzy cherry red one (though I love red), just plain jane white. But oh, can that thing work. It is a real work horse. It has been chugging along for over two years now, doing between 5 and 7 loads daily, day in and day out.

It finally decided to take a vacation. The door latch went out.

The doctor (Sears) has come and looked, and prescribed a new part.

That will arrive in a few weeks.

WEEKS? Did I mention that we go through 5-7 loads daily? 7 days a week? Cloth diapers, towels for the dairy, dish towels (the dishwasher died a year ago. Sears wasn't so helpful, then).

No problem, believe it or not, we keep a back up for such a time as this. We found this one on freecycle. We pulled it out and it valiantly did it's best but we killed it on day three.

So now we have no washing machine.

The kids are happy, no laundry to put away. I suspect they may feel differently on Sunday, when it is time to get dressed for church.

So...I miss my washer. I long for my washer. I an anxiously awaiting the day when the Sears man returns my washer to functionality. I may even consider kissing him.

Or maybe I'll just kiss the washer.

But until then...appreciate your washer. You never know when it too may decide to go on vacation, leaving you bereft and alone. And panicking. If I don't make it to market tomorrow send in the dogs...focus the search on the huge pile of dirty laundry.

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