May 26, 2009

Lists made

Alrighty, the assignments have been made for June. We are actually starting early because I realized that I gad not done a good job allocating responsibilities last month and several of my olders were growing very weary. It seemed appropriate to move on to the new responsibilities now. So much of May was spent getting ready for the show, that now that the show is over it seems as if the month is over as well, so why not switch now?

Here it is...

Katarina--we are wanting to allow Kate more free time. We figure that she will not always be here so it is time to allow the other olders to learn what she does so that she is free to focus on her own soap business and other interests. So...Katie is printing labels this month and helping me get back on track with laundry. I need some help going through clothes and culling excess as well as organizing what stays.

Christin--milking, dogs (including the puppies) and trimming three goat's feet daily.

Grace--learning to pasteurize and bottle, cleaning the processing room and tending to her horses. Grace also has to trim feet on three goats daily as well as tending to the baby goats.

Sara--milking, trim feet on three goats daily and tending to the chickens.

Linnea--Cleaning and maintaining the main areas of the house. This means living room, front room, hallways, the two bathrooms and helping me in the kitchen.

Emma--Tends the yearlings, two horned goats that are housed separately and the bucks.

Timothy--Gets the milkers in the holding pen for milking each milking, takes out the trash and helps mom work on the outside, picking up and preparing for our big party coming up for the 4th of July.

Liberty--This month Libby is very excited that she has a big person job to tend to by herself. Libby gets to feed the pigs and make sure that they always have water. I know that she will do a good job, she is very diligent and loves to help. It is almost sad how excited she is about helping. She will also be helping me with the outside.

Noah and Judah--The dynamic duo will be helping me outside.

Seth--last month his job was to learn to walk. He mastered that. This month we will just let him become more confident in that. Plus being so incredibly cute and sweet ought to take up all of his time!

Mom--meals. Working on the outside. Supervising evening milking.

Dad--Farm maintenance and the perpetual 'to-do' list. Supervising morning milking. Feeding and cleaning the pens of milking does.

So now for all those who ask "How do you do it?!" You can see that the answer is that I don't, my wonderful army of help does!

I also have my menu for June written out. Now to work on my shopping list to go along with that menu!

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