Jun 1, 2009


I have had requests for some updates at the farmer's markets so I thought it was time to finish some stories.

1)Priscilla, the elderly first timer. Priscilla kidded 10 days ago. Sadly the first kid, a little doeling, had apparently died in the few days before labor. The second kid, a huge strapping buckling was very healthy and very flashy. He put to rest my concerns about the ability of her pelvis to spread enough as such a "mature" first timer to allow for a kidding. He also is SO pretty that I am determined to repeat the breeding next year. She is milking great and has a very nice udder. So...chalk one up for older moms!!!

2)I called about a washing machine that I found on Craigslist. The gentleman offered to bring the machine to me at the Bayou City Market from Baytown!!! It fit in the van (barely) and we got it home and it works great! I will still be happy when my first love, the front loader, is repaired but this new (to us anyway) washer has been a lifeline that is keeping us from drowning. Thank you Lee!

3)Kidding is OVER. We have no more pregnant does. YAY!!!!! The flip side of this is that we start breeding again in a few weeks in an attempt to make sure that we have milk year round, the pervasive challenge for dairy goat farms.

4)School is over for the year! No, not for us on Swede Farm, we will be going through the summer after taking several months off earlier this year. Public school is out which means that Tim isn't driving a school bus right now. So we get to sleep in now (45 minutes later) and he is wanting to do some fun stuff with the olders, school wise. Crash course in astronomy, anyone? Plus he promises me that he will be working on my kitchen which desperately needs it--we took the cabinet doors off to paint them before Seth was born and they have yet to be put back on!

5)Grace's horse, Cowboy had tried to slice his eyelid off a few days before the big goat show. It was reattached but they told us that it would take a week or so to know how successful the surgery was. Well it looks like it was very successful. His eyelid seems fully functional and the edges are approximating well. Phew!

6)Seth is definitely walking. And climbing. He is just so stinkin' cute! Have the others been as cute? I will say that one thing that I have noticed is as I have more children (or maybe as I get older and am more aware that each child might be our last) I enjoy each stage much more. He has to be the cutest, the smartest, the most fun baby (better make that toddler)--ever.

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