May 3, 2009

Oh, and for the record...

We have three more does to kid.

One is Hallie, a large beautiful alpine that we bought last summer.

One is Star, the first kid born to daughter Katarina's first goat.

The last is Priscilla, sister to Ruby. Readers of this blog may recall the sad story of Ruby who we worked over and nursed for weeks, only to finally concede defeat and have to put her down. Ruby and Priscilla came to us as 5 1/2 yr olds, never bred. They were painfully thin and malnourished, which is what led to Ruby's death. I never thought that Priscilla might get bred when the buck was in the pen with the other Nubians. I feel really stupid to say it, but she was just so OLD and had never been bred before! In people years it would be like a 48 year old woman getting pregnant for the first time, totally by accident. So we didn't feel a need to separate her out. And now I get to sweat bullets waiting for her to kid, worried about all kinds of unspoken challenges for the six year old first-timer.

Then we are done with kidding...until November, anyway!

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