May 4, 2009

Some humor in the midst of gravity..

We lost a baby goat on Sunday. We sort of suspected that we might, she never seemed quite "right" but we really worked with her to make sure that she had every chance to prove herself. Thankfully she died peacefully on her own, no need for us to intervene.

So Christin was burying the little girl.

Noah walks up. "What are you doing?"

"Digging a hole."

"What for?"

"To bury a baby goat.'

"What kind of goat?" (I didn't even know that he knew that there WERE different kinds of goats!)

"A nubian."

"Is it dead or alive?" (Huh?!)


"Oh. Sezza.." (his name for Sara) "...she's burying a goat and I think it is dead, not alive!"

You just gotta love chatting with toddlers...

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