May 3, 2009


I wonder, sometimes, why we don't remember how exhausting this time of year is!

We have babies due to be born, so we are up at night checking on pregnant does.

We have babies already born so we are up at night feeding bottles to very little ones.

We have does newly fresh in milk, so more milking.

Pasteurizing more milk for market.

It seems like everyday there is work to be done with the babies. If it isn't giving a routine vaccination (today's was for tetanus), it might be worming, or tending to the logistics that go into making sure that each baby gets a good start on hay or alfalfa, not too much, just the right amount, and that they respond well.

It is traditionally a wet season, so we have mud to slog through...more laundry, plus it seems that at Swede Farm soggy ground=a propensity for baby goats to have the runs, so more cleaning plus taking temperatures and treating accordingly, making sure that is is not something more ominous.

These days we are adding more and more markets, so there is the work of getting ready for each market, plus the logistics of preparation, etc. if all this isn't enough...LITTLE LEAGUE!

Calgon, take me a...oh wait. There are baby goats in the bathtub. Guess I'll have to settle for a quick shower.

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