May 1, 2009


I hate selling things.

This might sound like a silly thing for someone who stands in a farmers market three times a week and sells a product, but I really loathe selling. To me, when we sell our milk at market it is less about selling and more about teaching people about goat milk and about sharing what we do. Farmer's markets are actually fun to me!

What I hate is where you actually have to try to sell a product or a service, where you are trying to make people see that they actually need what you are selling. Besides the required stints as minimum paid clerk at stores when I was a teenager, I have experienced this as a midwife when seeking clients and in our early years selling goat milk from the farm. I think the thread that underlies this is a sense of desperation, when you simply have to make that sale and the feeling afterwards that your own sense of self-worth is tied to how what you are selling is received. When it seems that so much rides upon a particular sale and that you, yourself are rejected when the sale does not go well it is no wonder that it takes a very particular kind of person to be successful in sales.

This is why I don't sell anymore. I am more than willing to discuss with someone why I think goat milk is great, how I practice as a midwife and the merits of a particular goat's bloodline, mainly because I love talking about these things. They are near and dear to my heart. What I am not willing to do is to get anxious over whether someone is interested in my milk, my midwifery services or my goat. I think they are all great, and I hope that you think that they are great but if's been a pleasure talking with you, God be with you, good luck in your search!

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Dee said...

that's exactly how I feel about Creative Memories! it's the mission and the purpose behind the product that rings my bell!