Apr 5, 2009

Chocolate Passion

Just the title is yummy!

I love living out here. There are many interesting and intriguing places to eat and shop in Houston...after all, it IS the fourth largest city in the United States and it does boast a large international population. It seems, sometimes, that in Houston, though, the forest gets lost for the trees and the neat places are either commonplace or easy to miss.

That is not always so out here in the hinterlands.

So, I decided that I would periodically share some of my favorite places.

Chocolate Passion is a new one. A friend introduced me to this wonderful coffee and chocolate shop on our way to Bordens to pick up the plastic milk jugs that we use to bottle our milk. (so far they haven't seemed to mind that goat milk is going in their cow milk bottles. All they care is that they get a check for their bottles. Oh and they seem to get a kick out of the "GOAT MILK" sign on the van.) Anyway, we were having a frustrating and stressful time at Swede farm, so my sweet friend took me out to let me drown my cash flow concerns in the best place possible (besides to God in prayer)--a cup of hot chocolate! Specifically, Venezuelan Spiced hot chocolate. Yum beyond description! Lunch was good also, muffaletta and soup. Dessert was incredible, a cake named "chocolate explosion" and dark chocolate covered baklava. Topped it off with a small box full of hand crafted chocolates for Tim (that miraculously made it home) and it was a trip worth remembering...for the wow factor of the food as well as for the heart melting kindness of my friend.

I took Tim by there last week to share it with him and he agreed. Chocolate Passion makes going to Conroe for bottles something to look forward to.

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Dee said...

chocolate is always worth the trip!