Apr 10, 2009

Happenings at Swede Farm

1)We are going to a new farmers market! We will be at Grogans Mill in the Woodlands...check out the website for more information.

2)He's here!!! I fell in love with this doe when I saw her online and it was confirmed when I saw her while on a trip to Colorado...we bought a son of hers back in 2006. Bandit was all I hoped for (even being named a Qualifying Young Sire by the American Dairy Goat Association) and promptly bred a goodly handful of his does that first year. Before his first kids were born, he died, one of those odd flukes that you hope never to have to deal with. Necropsy (an animal autopsy) was unable to explain why he died so we just held our breath and waited to see his kids. They were wonderful, but still...

So we were thrilled when we had the chance to buy his half brother! Alamo arrived safe and sound via Continental Airlines on Wednesday at exactly one month of age. He was introduced to the pen of girls his own age but they tried to beat him up so now he is in with the older guy on the block, Ulysses, who is a much more laid back and mellow kinda guy than those girls! Sheesh! You'd think they never saw a boy before! Like some bad movie about an all-girl's school! (and I know whereof I speak, having graduated from one!)

Alamo is the handsome goat withOUT ears or spots. Ulysses is the dashing guy with ears and spots.

3)We are getting ready to celebrate birthdays this weekend! Seth turned one on the 7th, Emma turns eleven on the 15th so we are having a joint shindig for both on Saturday the 11th. Not that we are gluttons for punishment, or anything, we only have two farmers market in the morning followed by the party. I would say that we kept it small, but truth be told even if we don't invite anyone from outside the family it can't be "small"!

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