Apr 2, 2009

We have babies!

Tim and I went to buy animal feed on Wednesday, like always. (Nothing like buying a ton of feed every week to get your juices flowing!) When we drove down our street we saw Kate, Grace and Linnea across the street at our neighbor's fenceline with two feed buckets.

"Berry picking?" Tim wondered...

"Too early for that" I commented as my eternal worry gene started trying to figure out what could possibly have gone wrong that could be fixed with feed buckets.

The girls saw us and started waving toward the bushes "We have turkey babies!"

A few days ago I realized that I hadn't seen our second turkey hen in a while. I had concluded that it wandered off, got lost, and became some dog's turkey dinner. (That worry gene thing again. I am working on it, but it is pretty firmly entrenched by now.) Apparently rather than serving herself up as dinner she had been sitting on a nest made in the bushes along the neighbor's fenceline. She now had herself a nice batch of poults (turkey babies) that kept running away from the girls into the neighbor's pasture--not a good thing as his anatolian shepherd dogs would have seen them as hors d'oeuvres, I am sure. It wasn't a good idea to leave the chicks and their momma where they were because on one side of their nest was the neighbor's pasture with the dogs, on the other side is the road. The girls waited patiently and the babies followed momma back towards the girls (thankfully she was our friendly turkey hen) where they were able to scoop them up and move them to a recently vacated chicken tractor (a portable chicken shelter).

So now we have nineteen Bourbon Red babies! They are so cute!


Blue Heron Farm said...

How exciting!!!

We'd like to buy two or three iff'n you're sellin'. :)

Lara DeHaven said...

Congratulations, Carlson family! It is refreshing to see poultry raising its young since our modern farming techniques have just about bred it out of them. By the way, I enjoy your blog.