Feb 4, 2009

It is upon us...

You know how rollercoasters go? You click. click. click. click. your way up that first big hill, seems as if it will never reach the top. All the while it seems higher and higher than you imagined it would be and you are seriously rethinking the sanity that drove you to get in and be strapped down in the first place. Then all of a sudden you realize that you are coming to the crest of the hill and you find yourself looking down the most intense drop.

Well, that is what it feels like right how. Kidding season is upon us and we are coming to that crest in panic! Almost five months ago we sorted the girls into groups and put them with their respective bucks. Four months ago we drew blood and sent it to the lab, waiting anxiously to see who was bred. Fifteen of the nineteen were and we settled in to grow babies. Two months ago we dried the girls off, so that their nutrients would go to babies and not to milk. About a month ago they went from nice and sleek and solid to rounder and rounder so that they barely can get up and down (boy do I remember those days all too well!). Even so, time dragged, seemingly more-so every time we had to console a would-be customer with "in February the does will kid. We will have milk then. In February."

Well we have rounded that hill and the drop looks huge! Fifteen does due in the next three weeks. Let's see, that should be at least 30 kids...and we don't even have the kid pens ready! Fifteen more does on the milkstand, half of them first fresheners and we don't even have the milking machine ready! Fifteen potential middle of the night kiddings and I am not caught up on my sleep yet, *I* am not ready!

Is now when I am supposed to hold on for dear life and scream or just put my hands up in the air and enjoy the tumultuous ride? I can't decide. Anyway, if we could find the camera I could show you the enormous widths some of the girls have grown to but I can't. I should go buy a new camera but you know as soon as I do it will reappear. Ah well.

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