Feb 5, 2009

More upcoming kidding info...

So I sat down with the calendar and wrote out all of the does coming due in February along with the window of time that they are likely to kid.

2/5-2/13 Nyasa, Treasure, Beauty, Princess, Pheonix. All first time moms, all alpines.

2/11-2/26 Liendoe, Missie, Magnolia (all three Nubians, first timers), Sonnet, Neches, Pedernales (all three LaManchas, experienced moms).

2/13-21 Sabine, second time mom, a LaMancha and Rosa Blanco, first timer also a LaMancha.

2/15 Texas Rose. Second timer, LaMancha.

2/21 Cinnamon. Experienced Alpine.

So, although I think it quite unlikely that any of the alpine "babies" were successfully bred the very first day that they were with their guy, you never know, so I guess we are now officially on baby watch.



Vicki McGaugh said...

It's not really fair to not update your blog in the middle of kidding season like this, we are all waiting to see who has kidded and how many! Love you guys and love your blog! Vicki McGaugh

Lynn said...

I have had over half a doz that bred ON the day they were introduced to pen breed... that amazes me, but is obviously very possible.