Feb 3, 2009

Ruby, one last time

For those who have been following the saga of Ruby it came to an end this morning. When she reached a point where she could no longer lift up her head we knew it was time to let her go. She was a beautiful and affectionate girl and we are glad to have owned her, even if for just a few short months. She was sweet...and hungry to the end, her last minutes were happy, eating the yaupon and beet pulp that she loved with abandon as Sara held them to her mouth.

Not fun, but an important part of animal stewardship.

Please pray for Sara, she is rather upset and feeling at loose ends having dedicated much of the last few weeks to caring for Ruby, putting her in a sling several times a day, hand feeding her, making sure she stayed well hydrated, etc. I am really proud of her, she is growing into a lovely and strong young woman.


Liese4 said...

Tell Sara we're sorry.

Dee said...

This is the part of farming I don't think I could handle! I will pray for Sara in the loss of Ruby, and you all as kidding begins!