Jan 3, 2009

Productive day!

Thanks to Senora Maria coming into milk a few weeks ago we were able to bring more milk to the market today! It didn't keep us from selling out in just a few hours, though. I can't WAIT until the does due in February all kid and we have enough milk to bring a good supply of milk, chocolate milk yogurt and kefir. Right now we are so low on milk that if I even venture to suggest keeping some out to make yogurt Tim responds with horror because then we won't have ANY milk to sell. (sigh)

Then, as we were on our way home we got a call that Maria's twin sister LaSalle kidded! A buck and a doe! YAY! Pictures will be forthcoming, in the meanwhile Tim needs to get on the ball coming up with names. Tim names the animals of Swede Farm and there is a pattern and a plan to the naming. The names will follow the trend suggested by one or both parents and sometimes by any extenuating circumstances surrounding the breeding or kidding. One thing is in common always...the names have to be, in some form or fashion, related to things Texan. Well...Senora Maria and LaSalle were born (on another farm) to goats named Spotted Explorer and Captain's Gabby, so there seemed to be a bit of an explorer/expedition theme going on. So, Tim looked for explorers linked to Texas. One was easy, LaSalle. The other took a bit of looking and is more a connection in an esoteric sense, but you can take a look and see what you think as to whether Senora Maria fits as an explorer name.

Now to name the daughter and son of LaSalle...and to find that camera so that we can take pics. Anyone seen a toddler around here snapping pictures?


liese4 said...

So, if we have a farm and have goats, we could name them Colorado theme names like: Buffalo bill, Hickenlooper, Flatirons, Stapleton, Nederland ninny, etc.

Did ya'll get our Christmas card? About half of them got eaten in the mail, my Aunt only got the front of the envelope! Darn govt. postal workers.

It's snowing here right now, jealous?

Mrs. Laughter said...

I am waiting for pics of the buckling!! I told DH that I wanted him and he said NOOOOO hahaha
Maybe if he sees his cuteness he will fall in love to!