Jan 2, 2009

What are Dairy Berries?!

I have been prodded to explain the title of this blog.

When we were planning to get our first goats my father asked why on earth would we ever want a goat if we had room for a cow?! Well, besides the fact that they have a better feed to milk conversion ratio, besides the fact that they are easier for the kids to handle in the show ring, besides the fact that if they step on your foot your foot stays intact there is the little matter of clean-up. What a cow eats comes out the other end in big, semi-solid plops. Lots of them, which stands to reason if you consider the size of the animal. What a goat eats comes out the other end as small marbles, also called "berries". (Picture a rabbit cage, same idea.) So, when we sell bags of fertilizer from the dairy, we call them Dairy Berries. It seemed appropriate to term the...ah...droppings from our minds similarly. And, of course, these droppings are fertile as are all things on Swede Farm, ourselves included. Kind of a joke, you see...or maybe just to me and he.

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