Jan 5, 2009

Phone calls

I hate talking on the phone. Ick. I would rather be in labor. Back labor.

OK I lied, I'd rather not labor. I would like it if I had a secretary who would kindly take my list of calls and make them for me. Today I had to...call a vet at Texas A&M to ask questions regarding a surgical procedure we were considering for a milking doe. Then I returned a call to a midwifery client and discussed with her options for an issue that she is having. Then I called our regular vet to discuss a different issue with a different goat (a sad subject for a different post on here). Then I fielded a call regarding the upcoming trip to Europe that two of our children are making next week. Next came a question from home (I was out and about seeing midwifery clients today) about a math assignment. Then back to A&M to cancel tomorrow's surgical procedure (I decided having kids and surgery all in the same week was best to be avoided if we can help it). A call to the church in East Texas where we are burying my dad later this week. Then a call to the OB who often sees my midwifery clients to arrange a consultation. Then a conversation with a gentleman whose new goat is the daddy for one of our goats. (Small world!) Then another with a prospective milk customer. And another from home about chore assignments. And one with the credit card company. Seems we are late on our payment. Oops. What can I say, it is a slow time of year at a goat dairy. Then, as I was finishing up this entry I ended up, telephone to ear, making arrangements to have Chocolate Sundae (the alpaca) bred.

Does that fill my quota for the week?

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