Feb 14, 2012

Our Life

I was going through some pictures in a (possibly futile) attempt at organizing them and thought I'd share a few...

Someone once told me that goats live to do three things--eat, stand on things and eat while standing on things. Guess it starts early.

We recently began feeding the goats spent malted barley from Edelbert's Brewery in Austin. The grain comes in large barrels and have to be scooped out for each feeding. Dixie is along for moral support.

Emma sells eggs from her chickens at farmer's markets in Austin. She has had some frustration with racoons getting her chickens and them not laying this Winter but she keeps plugging along.

Liberty at market.

The girls singing at a nursing home at Christmas.

Shelley, the house Pyr taken up residence in my (LeeAnne) recliner. Tumbleweed, the only cat that evacuated with us is along for the snuggle.

Grace with the latest shipment of bugs. (Fly Predators from Kunafin)

Noah at market. 'Nuff said.

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goatldi said...

Nuff said - if someone doesn't buy cheese from this child then the world is in bad shape!