Oct 21, 2011

Farmer's market report from 10/15

So most of the readers of this blog know that we make our living by selling product at farmers market. Yes, we do sell on the farm and to restaurants as well, but at-market sales comprise the bulk of our income. It also comprises a large part of our weekly entertainment. Saturday evenings and much of Sunday is often filled with accounts of customers and their comments.

This week at the SFC downtown market a customer who was a professional educator for over 50 years (teaching science to 14 year olds) shared his views on education. "If the teacher is having fun and the students are having fun then educating is taking place" and "the most important and neglected subjects are art and music and..." (he leaned in conspiratorially) "southern literature!" (William Faulkner being his favorite, followed by Mark Twain.)

Someone else at the same market told me that our yogurt tasted just like the yogurt that they experienced in Bulgaria.

At the SFC market in Sunset Valley someone told Sara that our kefir tastes just like the kefir that they discovered in the "Soviet Union" except that that kefir was cultured and fermented (ours is just fermented) and that it was made from mare's milk.

Also at the SFC market someone was certain that they had seen our family on a reality television show recently and when Sara professed that really, we had never been on any such show they insisted that we should. (Nope, not happening!)

From the Urban Harvest market a Russian woman proclaimed that Americans do not like kefir because kefir is bitter and Americans do not like bitter. (This is why we sell out of kefir, with customers asking for our most mature, strongly flavored kefir?)

Emma sold eggs at the downtown market in Austin for the first time, sold out in under an hour complete with being given a tip. (her Dad's comment "her price is obviously too low")

Then there was the potential customer who thought that we had to butcher the goats in order to get their milk...

...and the customer who wondered why we don't milk the boy goats.

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goatldi said...

Why don't you milk the boy goats? ducking and running like mad!

And the reality show-you could do the caprine version of the Duggar's - 100 kids and counting.

I am done now.