May 3, 2011

Guess who?!

Guess who is one year old today?

As unbelievable as it may be, Dixie is one today. In that year she has...

*been to approximately 75 farmer's markets

*consumed at least 25 gallons of goat milk

*eaten at least two pounds of goat cheese

*sat in her carseat for at least sixteen thousand miles traveling to market

*been "tasted" by at least fifty goats

*and just within the last two days taken at least a hundred steps

*has more people in Austin and Houston that know her name that I can even fathom (strangers have walked by in Central Market and said "oh, Dixie looks sleepy/cranky/hungry/in a good mood" leaving me to wonder "do I know them? They obviously know my baby...")

*Visited her state representative and senator, courtesy of the raw milk bill

*been on television

*presided over a table at a wine and cheese tasting

Makes one wonder...what is left?


clucking4Jesus said...

Dixie is a cutie pie and has done more in her first year of life then some of us do in our first 18 yrs if not lifetime, what a wonderful entry to mark her special day!!

Anonymous said...

She hasn't done the potty dance yet has she??? LOL

goatldi said...

I would say that Dixie is headed to being a number 1 ambassador for dairy goats. What a wonderful way to be raised. Good job Mom and Dad!

April E. said...

Ohh ... I wanted to click "like" on this post. Love it! :D