Dec 4, 2009

Lottie delivers...

First timer Lottie (a LaMancha) had a BIG white boy this morning and is acting like nothing happened. She did great, I think she is a keeper! (She was anyway!)

Biggest news (to my children, at least...) SNOW!

The Texas goats (even those originally from Montana and Idaho) think they are dying, it is the end of the world, this white stuff coming out of the sky! The goats brought home from Iowa less than a month ago are reveling in the cold!

The Texas farmers, though, are dying. Sorry Houston, sorry will have to find somewhere else to get your milk, yogurt and cheese--we are moving further South.

I hear Belize is beautiful this time of year...

1 comment:

Dee said...

It is appropriate that the kid be white today :). I know it's no fun for you all having to be outside milking & catching baby goats. But you do have to admit that it IS pretty to see from inside.