Dec 6, 2009

Dorie Does It...Sort Of...

Dorie was the last to kid.

Dorie has somewhat of a checkered history here at Swede Farm. She came to the farm in March 2006. She was newly in milk and we needed a milker. We had recently acquired three new baby goats and none of our does were due to kid (and thus be in milk) until May. She performed her job admirably and we were pleased to have bought her. I thought she was lovely. My children found her most unattractive. When we had her appraised the ADGA appraiser stroked his chin. "Hmmm" he said "what an interesting goat..."


"I would love to see her as a five year old...she will either be incredible--or horrible!"

I was certain she would be wonderful. My daughters voted for horrid.

In 2007 she kidded with two bucklings.

In 2008--nothing. Then in the 2009 kidding season--nothing again.

This was not good. Dairy goats are made to make milk. Dorie was doing nothing but getting fatter and fatter. Not only was this not good for Dorie, it wasn't good for our feed bill to support an animal that wasn't producing. Finally we decided to give her one last shot and bred her out of season to kid late in 2009. And finally, she 'took'.

And we waited and waited. LaManchas tend to go earlier than other breeds, but Dorie decided that it was best to keep us waiting some more.

Finally this morning she was our last doe to kid.

After all that waiting it would be nice to see a doeling out of her...but no, she gave us two bucklings. Very nice, very healthy bucklings,but bucklings all the same.

I guess that is for the best. If we got a doeling I'd want to keep her and would be nothing but frustrated if her daughter carried on the same laid back approach to being a productive dairy goat.

Now we just wait and see if she is wonderful or horrible as a five year old--that will be in the Spring, when she will again be appraised.

Frustrations aside, I still vote for wonderful.


goatldi said...

I don't know who appraised your herd but when John White was at my place many moons ago he stood silently while I brought our Lucky. She was a free goat, we all *know* about free goats.
I walked her, he looked, walked some more , John continued looking. We chatted and in the conversation he said "she is permanent champion?" . I laughed , "nope, hasn't ever been shown".
Well due to that appraisal we began to show our 75% LaMancha 25% Saanen. When she died many years later she was a DHIA/AGDA breed leader and earned enough to be a permanent champion. But because her last show was short 1 doe to sanction she never got those letters.
But to this day she is strong in our herd (daughter and granddaughter) plus many others sired by her grandson Walnetto Farm Nite Rider.
So I am with you-Wonderful!

Katarina said...

Wow! Not only on the goat but on who the appraiser was, lol in this story the appraiser was John White.

(This is LeeAnne's Daughter)

goatldi said...

Please let me know what comes of it all. Isn't it a small world?