Nov 13, 2009

Weren't We Just Here?

I could swear that it was just a few weeks ago when I sat here and typed out a blog post about the fact that kidding season was fast approaching.

And here I sit again.

We just counted out the days and realized that some of our does who kid a few days shy of their due date could start kidding within a few on Thanksgiving day!

I am NOT ready! I am still recovering from last years kidding season and all of the babies!

So we have nine due the end of November/beginning of December. Then, in January we have eight more due. Then the rest...we still have to do pregnancy tests on them, but they will likely be due March/April.

Hopefully the work will be reduced by the fact that we intend to keep very, very few kids this year. In fact, I can think of only four does out of over fifty that we would consider keeping a very nice doeling out of. So that should help.

Then, just as the last goat is delivering their will be my turn!

I think we will keep that one...

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