Sep 15, 2009

Goat Kisses

When we lived in Houston and were considering what types of animals we wanted to get when we found "the farm", we knew that we wanted a milk animal. I had assumed that the milk animal that we got would be a cow, until an online friend shared with me about her life with goats. I was won over by her descriptions of their personalities and their inquisitive and friendly nature.

Now, not ALL goats are as personable and friendly as Phoenix, the Alpine who is giving away kisses in the picture above. But that is to be expected, just as all people are not the same, but as a whole, we have found them to be fun, engaging, smart and curious.

And there is nothing like goat kisses during milking.

1 comment:

Naimhe said...

There IS nothing like goat kisses, milking or otherwise. There's a lot of joy that comes with sharing your life with goats and we at have added you to our reader so we can keep up with you adventures in goatdom.