Sep 29, 2009


I am shamed to realize how long it has been since I last posted. My intent is to give regular snapshots of our life on the farm. To us this life is normal, even mundane and boring. There are those, though, who seem to enjoy vicariously visiting the funny farm that we call home.

Unfortunately, I have been prevented from blogging by forces somewhat outside of my control. I was seized by the throat and wrestled to the couch where I have been forced to remain. Everytime I attempt to get to my feet and do something constructive, my assailant reminds me that I am weaker than it. I have managed, a few times, to be able to escape the couch long enough to at least try to maintain some sense of productivity but it is short-lived.

Seeing that my assailant is nothing more than simple morning sickness, I hope to be back to functional within a few weeks, a month or so at the longest. Until then, no promises, but I will try my best to be somewhat more faithful to blog.

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Anonymous said...

My goodness,Mom! The way that last post reads, it sounds like you get abused! Narnianut