Jul 6, 2009


1)Grace's horse. The vet stood us up. She called that morning and said that she couldn't come that day, to call if we still needed her. We have called several times and can't reach her. We will keep calling. Biscuit is still painfully thin but other than that seems relatively well. We just need to try to pin down why his weight has plummeted this past month.

2)Cheese. We *almost* sold out. It was very well received both at the farmers market and at our big Fourth of July party. Yay! This afternoon we go before the board at the farmers market to see if we will be permitted to bring cheese to the market here in Houston. We do not expect to bring near the amount of cheese to Houston that we will to Austin due to the presence of other cheese vendors at the market already, but it would be nice to be able to bring our entire product line.

3)The party went very well, we had people from many different walks of life, some goat people, some milk customers, some midwifery clients, church people, the people we bought the property from who also served as the contractor who helped us build out our old barn into the dairy...all in all, lots of fun. Despite the fact that we drove in from Austin less than an hour before people were to start showing up, the kids did a great job getting everything ready and deserve lots of credit and praise. But then that is nothing new.

And the week is off to a good start. Goats and children are healthy, 24 gallons worth of milk is in the vat turning into cheese and we are supposed to get rain this week. All is well.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your party and on your cheese selling well! I hope you can sell your cheese in Houston.
I'm sorry about Biscuit, I'll be praying.