Jul 7, 2009

Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match...

That is what we feel like at Swede Farm right about now!

(I will try to be discreet, but this post might be too much for impressionable young children...)

We are hitting the ground running with breeding season. Last night we had sixteen does to be bred to six different bucks so we were rearranging pens, trying to get the girls with the right boys, in the pens that would work best for each. Even though they were crazed with desire (not kidding, they were ready), the younger girls freaked out to be removed from the pen where they have spent their whole lives. Even though they were more than ready to oblige, the boys were freaked to be out of their pens.

Thankfully there was no performance anxiety!

They will stay together the rest of today then go to their respective pens.

Hopefully we will have new babies start hitting the ground early in December. We will know in about a month, when we draw blood and mail it to the Biotracking, only lab in the country (that I am aware of, anyway) that does goat pregnancy tests.

And YES!!! It is RAINING!!!!!

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