Jun 10, 2009


Well as you might have guessed by the last entry, I had a birthday this past weekend. That was NOT me posting, it was my oldest daughter, Katie. Not only did she surprise me on my blog, she also had her dad stall on the way home from church while she and some siblings went ahead and by the time I got home the house was clean and there were people showing up for a party! That was a surprise!

Markets continue to be consuming and wonderful. I swear we have the best customers ever. They encourage us to continue when we are dead dog tired and uplift us with stories of converting friends and family to goat milk.

If all goes well we will have a new buck in a few weeks! A breeder of absolutely wonderful Alpines started me in the breed last summer when I drove to Idaho and picked up our started herd of what has quickly become very close to our favorite breed. A few weeks ago I saw that she had a young buckling listed from a bloodline known for giving great quantities of milk. He was even affordable! The problem is...he is in Idaho! Tim was NOT inclined to let me head to Idaho for a second year in a row (not when we just finished getting the new transmission in the van after condemning it driving through the rocky mountains with the livestock trailer full of goats!) We could fly him, but that is somewhat costly plus it is now hot enough daily that most airlines won't accept a goat for flights anymore this year.

The Jarvis family to the rescue! I mentioned (mainly as a joke) that when they went on vacation they could bring me back a goat. They called last night, the day before they were to leave and said that they would! So if all goes well, our little Alpine herd will increase by one more this year. I am very excited to see what he will do for the future of our Alpine herd.

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