Jun 11, 2009

New Farmers Market

As I was sitting this evening watching the goats eat hay my eyes drifted over to where some of the children were playing. Timothy, Emma, Noah and Judah had set up a row of tables and chairs and were all sitting in the chairs behind the tables.

Playing school?

As I listened I heard that they were not reciting their ABC's or anything of the like. No, from Timothy I heard "fresh hay for sale...the best hay at the farmer's market!" Then as his brother Noah yelled "fresh hay!" Timothy challenged him "you cant sell that at the farmers market, that isn't local! You can only sell local hay at the farmers market! Besides, *I* am the farmer, I went and gathered this hay myself with my own hands!"

Liberty was selling pine cones. I think for a quarter each.

The next table down I saw Emma with a bowl full of half pint containers full of milk that her dad had sent to the house earlier for family use. Her sign read "Fresh Swede Farm Milk. Price: a kiss and a hug."

Now that is a deal no one could pass up!

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