Jan 1, 2009

New year, new dairy, why not?

I always swore that I would never blog. It always seemed like the perfunctory Christmas letter raised to the nth degree. What ego, to think that the whole world would hang on every twist and turn of the Carlson life!

And in truth, my mind hasn't changed much. It STILL seems to be seeking the limelight in a manner so brash that any well raised Southern lady should blush. Yet...here I find myself, blogging, my only defense that it really wasn't my idea, it was forced upon me. After 6 weeks of selling at the Houston area Farmer's Markets we have made friends who are tied to the city. Nonetheless these new friends greet us every week with "how is that goat, the one that got hurt?", "any new baby chicks?", "when are those new baby goats due?" and it seems that blogging is the best way to include these new partners in farming in the reality of farm life.

So...welcome to Dairy Berries, the official blog for Swede Farm Dairy. We hope that you enjoy your visit to the farm through the entries here so much that you decide to come out and pay us a real-life visit, or better yet, decide that what you really always wanted to do was leave the city, run out to the country and start your own crazy goat farm!


Anonymous said...

YAY! Let me be the first to say welcome to the blogosphere! *grin*


james carberry - code whisperer said...

A blog name so creative, it is truly Carlsonesque. I mean Carlsonian. Carlsonellian? -j

Dawn P said...

Looking forward to reading updates here :)

CamsShel said...

Love to see the new blog! Please, write two a day every day. ;o)

liese4 said...

Hah, you have been sucked in! And I'm linking in my blog to yours.