Nov 9, 2011

Gloriously Dull Day

Today has been somewhat unusual in that it is a gloriously dull day.

Sara is under the weather so she has been in bed all day.

Katarina and Grace spent the night last night in Houston. Katarina had a Sheep and Goat Committee meeting for the Houston Livestock Show and knowing that we had market today in Houston, they opted to just stay over.

So I am down by three of my four young adult children and we still have had a gloriously dull yet productive day!

We got up on time (5AM). We got a somewhat late start milking because, well just because we all enjoyed not feeling rushed! Christin, Linnea, Emma and Timothy handled milking while I got the little boys up and some semblance of dressed. I also was able to get the pictures up on the walls in my bedroom now that the walls are (finally) painted.

The rest of the morning was spent with Tim entering milk weights in his goat production charts, kids doing school (largely self directed) while Linnea did some work in the garden. Christin worked on the dress that she has been frustrated with, all of sudden it clicked and she mastered the gussets that had been causing her so much grief. (It is a costume, Lord of the Rings or Narnia in style. Her skills amaze me!) Emma started pulling together the supplies for the chicken tractors that she wants to build. (Only six eggs so far today.) My order for prenatal vitamins arrived. Yay! I swear, THIS time I will actually remember to take them consistently! So far I am still feeling well enough to make me nervous although I know from looking at the calendar that the rocky days are still ahead of me. The little boys having finished school for the day, they commence to making a series of towers out of building blocks for Dixie to send tumbling down which proves to be great fun for all--until Dixie hurls a block across the room knocking Noah upside the head!

Lunch--multigrain pasta with grilled ginger tilapia bought from Lily Pad Farm at the SFC market downtown. Absolutely wonderful fish from a vendor who blesses us weekly with bountiful and beautiful living lettuce and basil. Salad from the Lily Pad Lettuce, Sunflower micro-greens also from the market along with a generous serving of hemp seeds from Happy Hemp.

Now...writing while a sweet baby climbs all over me. Laundry fresh off the line to fold, little boys and goats playing outside--together. We have recently expanded the goat browse area to include--well, pretty much everything. Rather than give them areas to browse we decided to just fence off that which we did not desire to be browsed (mainly Linnea's garden and the road in front of the house) and allow the goats free reign. It helps that I have never prided myself on being much of a gardener and as much as I would love the feel of an expansive and lush garden full of flowers and ferns, I have spent the past 23 years growing a garden of children instead so I have no prized (and toxic to goats) azaleas to protect. There are areas of the house that I should be de-cluttering and I will likely give them fifteen minutes in a little while (thank you, Flylady for giving me permission to tackle my house in small bites rather than huge burdensome banquets) and spend the rest of the day enjoying the weather and my flowers--the dirty faced ones running around the farm.

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Sarah said...

Love it! I feel like I'm at your house!