Jun 20, 2011


We are currently watching a wildfire that is burning largely out of control since this afternoon. It is now about ten miles away, having started closer to five miles away. This picture was taken of the smoke as seen rising above the trees at the end of the street that runs due North of the farm. They are saying that 3600 acres and 30 homes have been destroyed and the fire is at this point only 5% contained. Please pray for the safety of those whose homes and livestock are in the path of the fire. Pray for the firefighters and other emergency personnel . Pray that the wind continues to blow the fire away from us--it really is sobering to look around the farm and realize that there is likely no way that we would be able to safely evacuate all of our animals in the event that we needed to leave. (They have mandating evacuation of homes less than ten miles from our home.) Most of all, please pray for rain because this unnerving event will continue to be commonplace until we get enough rain to make up for the drought that we are in.

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goatldi said...

Praying for all I am worth. We went through the "Lighting Strike Fires in Mendocino County (Ca).