Mar 8, 2011

Flylady Update

It is hard to get dressed "to your shoes" when you cannot find clothes. The closet rod collapsed yesterday under the weight of clothing in the master bedroom. In my defense I had just tallied up Tim's clothes and the weight on the rod is his fault. To be fair--I was able to remove 7-8 items (I didn't count, I am weighing decluttered items, not counting them) of "mine" although I have never worn that pair of maternity pants in my life and I have to claim ownership of the skirt even though I have never worn it because I don't think Tim has a skirt wearing habit.

I guess I can also claim that it is the fault of my busy life that I didn't even get around to getting dressed until noon? There was the call from the other goat dairy, the plans to be made for who goes where, does what errand, the call from the contractor, the unexpected kidding and the chick disaster. The coop that Emma built was weather proof but not cat proof, leading to the loss of 20 chicks. This necessitates moving the rabbit relocation from the "important list" to urgent. We posted Noah (6) and Judah (4) to guard duty while we worked but they had fun guarding not until it started raining but until it started raining AND they were thoroughly soaked and muddy. None of their clothes can be found, either.

Three of the four oldest daughters are in Houston at the Livestock show along with the oldest son.

So...1:00pm. Halfway dressed, dished to wash, laundry to start, a trailer to be taken for repair. These tasks are mine. Assigning cheese-making (to 19 yr old Grace), rabbit moving (12 yr old Emma and 15 yr old Linnea) and dinner prep? Or maybe dinner will be bought while on trailer errands and brought home. That will have to do--Noah has little league practice tonight anyway.

I know it will work. I know it. Each step--even late and less than perfect is a step towards the goal.

I am still drowning but I think I see a ship in the distance.


goatldi said...

You go girl! love that positive attitude. A true goatldi.

Anonymous said...

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