Feb 7, 2011


It is so much fun having a baby in the house! Everyday is something new to discover, whether it is Dixie learning about the world around her or her family discovering new skills each day. This week...Dixie is still trying to master crawling, she usually gets where she wants to go by a combination of the 'army crawl', rolling and getting up on her hands and knees, digging in her toes and lunging. She has, however started pulling herself up on anything that she can get her hands on. As her dad announces, "the fun is just beginning!".

She is an incredible mimic. When she hears someone coughing she copies them, although she cannot maintain her solemn little cough for long when everyone around her starts to laugh and she herself giggles in response.

Dixie goes with us to markets--her first market was when she was only five days old. The picture above was taken by a customer at a market when we sat Dixie in our sample bucket after we were not only sold out, but sampled out. At a few weeks ago a customer commented that her baby was within a week or two of Dixie's age and we chatted about the sheer pleasure of enjoying this stage. She was floored, however, to learn that Dixie was our twelfth baby and that the delighting in babies never grows old as her eighth month old is her first.

It really does never grow old and I hope that we will always have babies around to enjoy as the years go on.

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Jennifer said...

So sweet! It is such a blessing to have babies around. Mine are a bit bigger but I got to hug a little snuggly baby boy this week. :)