Jan 24, 2011

Unusual day...

Today was what has become a somewhat unusual day--I did not leave the property one single time.

I hate feeling like all I do is run around all the time, but there are always errands to be tended to, supplies to be bought for the dairy or the family. We did get a slower than usual start to the morning, not even eating breakfast until nine in the morning, but they finished milking before that. Then the kids did sundry chores and school, fighting over the computers so that they could finish their computer based courses. Tim worked on bills (and receipts for taxes, oh joy) and I tried to influence the river of children continually flowing past me all day. Did I mention that it was rainy and cold so it was definitely an inside kind of day for everyone?

We even discovered that somehow UPS came, dropped off packages and left--and we never knew it. It is very unusual for anyone to drive the curving driveway from the street and not have their presence heralded by the pack of white dogs that lope out to meet anyone who even thinks of approaching the house.

Late in the afternoon we had some farm visitors. They came to look at the animals and see how we do things. They were somewhat unusual for farm visitors these days in that they were not interested in milk or cheese but in getting stated in goats. They got a tour and because they were still here when the girls started milking, they stayed for that as well, with the nine and seven year old boys trying their hand at milking and drinking milk still warm, sweet, and frothy from the udder.

More farm chores in the evening, followed by chili for dinner.

Tomorrow will not be so quiet as I have to make arrangements to go buy hay as well as drive into Bryan to pick up feed for the animals and food for the people. (Interesting, how the usage of the word changes like that...) And we certainly would not complain if the Sears repairman actually manages to fix the washer while he is here tomorrow nor if a goat or two (or eleven) decides to actually have the babies for which we have been anxiously waiting.

But for today...it was a cozy-at-home kind of day and I will revel in it.

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