Sep 19, 2010

Things heard here...

The boys were dragged in at dusk to get ready for bed.

Noah informed me (as he rubbed his forehead) "I just bumped heads with another goat!" (So now I guess my second son is a goat himself?)

Judah proudly held out a handful of greenery "I brought you some mint weafs!" to which Seth agreed "yes, mint weafs". They all informed me that they sampled them first "and they are yummy!"

It is nice having animals and acreage for them to enjoy, unlike the backyard that the girls were limited to when they were that same age. Now that I think about it, the girls didn't even get out to that yard much because there was a car wash that backed up to the other side of the fence and as often as not there was music booming with objectionable lyrics.

Life is good.

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