Mar 3, 2010


Well, my camera has gone missing again.

No great loss, though, because we now have our own personal farm photographer! A few weeks ago we were contacted by a photography student from the University of Houston (GoCoogs !). She asked if she could use our farm as her project. Being the shy and retiring types we were hesitant to agree, but finally decided that our obligation to help a fellow Cougar outweighed our natural reticence to be in the public eye in any form or fashion. (We simply aren't the types to be public about who we are and what we are isn't as if we invite any and all to the farm for visits...or blog...or talk to thousands of people every weekend...or agree to have a movie shot on our property or be interviewed by varied magazines...nope, you'd never catch us doing anything like that!)

Besides the fact that Shannon has been great fun to have around, we are reaping the benefit of great pictures. The one posted here will likely be the next picture to go on the back of our next batch of business cards.

For those who will ask...Katie (21) is in the way back. The front row is (from left to right) Seth (almost 2), Liberty (7) holding aMiniMancha doeling , Judah (3), Noah (5). The row running diagonally right through the middle, from left to right, Sara (16) with her hand on Helga, Emma (11), Timothy (9), Grace (almost 18), me and my sweetie. (Not sharing our ages, sorry.) Linnea (14) is in front of Tim and Christin (20) is next to her holding her Christmas gift, Santa Baby. She wants to train him to pull a cart goat.

Thank you Shannon for such great pics! I am sort of praying that the camera is never found!


Tonya Stevens said...

Loved seeing your family photo. We came by your booth at the Cedar Park Farmer's Market Saturday, the 3rd. It was wonderful to meet another home schooling family, and we marveled at how you have been blessed with 11, and now with the one on the way, 12, children! And we thought we had a houseful with three! :) Actually, we tried to conceive for 12 years before we were able to begin conceiving our children! We are so thankful for our blessings. May the LORD bless you all. -Mike and Tonya Stevens

Sarah Chips said...

I love the family picture!! :) You have a wonderful looking family.

Denise said...

What a beautiful family you have!