Oct 19, 2009

Sad day for the boys...

The boys (well, all of the children, actually) have been having a great time with all of the sand. They have been sliding down it on the big shovels, rolling down it, making trenches and fighting battles, building sand castles, pushing younger siblings off of it to the tune of split lips on one and a sore bottom on the other.

The goats have actually enjoyed it as well. We have goats moved to different places for breeding season so some 12 goats are being walked over the sand hills to the dairy. We have some who are loving it, not wanting to leave the top of the mountain when they get there. We may need to make a point to order some just for the goat pens for the goats to play on.

That all ends today. Today is the day that our dear friend comes with his tractor to move the sand to where we want it. Which much to our children's surprise is NOT in a huge mountainous heap between the house and the dairy!

Hopefully the loss will be made more palatable by getting to see the tractor. At least a little bit...

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