Oct 9, 2009

New Market!

Our very first ever market was the Houston Farmer's Market on Tuesday afternoons at Rice University. It is a fun market with a personality all it's own. When the market manager approached us a few months ago, to discuss them moving a Saturday Market to the Rice Village area we were definitely interested.

Well, the day is here! Tomorrow the new market opens and we are really excited! It will be a challenge juggling product for the first few months until the goats start kidding (and thus coming into more milk) in December, but we think it will be worth it.

We are really looking forward to meeting a whole new set of faces and introducing them to goat milk and the wonderful things that can be done with goat milk. We are also looking forward to enjoying the market itself. It seems as if they all have personalities of their own, between the market managers, the vendors and the faithful customers that shop the market. I want to see Houston as a city known for an abundance of thriving farmer markets--a world class city with world class shopping and support and appreciation for farmers. Houston has the population and the demographics to see it happen. It is time that Houston started getting some praise for positive change, socially and environmentally. I personally already think that Houston is pretty incredible and has accomplished great things, but for some reason fails to get the praise that it deserves for it's innovation and industry. I really want to see Houston known as being one of the best places in the United States for foodies and farmers alike.

And every new market that succeeds moves us closer to that goal.

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