Jul 17, 2009


We have always had our share of children who, while toddlers, chose to refuse the restriction of clothing. Back when we lived in the city, one of our daughters (who will remain nameless to protect ME) used to strip everything off. Then, (because life lacked excitement, I guess?) she would go stand on the windowsill in the rooms at the front of the house and wave at all the passers-by.

We are a little bit more isolated, now. Fewer people pass by to see my toddlers in their birthday suits. Unfortunately this can mean that the people who do see them naked are the very ones I do not wish to see them thus.

Case in point. Judah. Refuses clothing. He owns clothing. It fits and is easily accessible. We dress him in them. Multiple times daily. Despite our best efforts, he remains naked for much of any given day. Yesterday he and his older brother, Noah,were both respectably dressed. They ran outside to play. Less than half an hour later Noah was seen wearing Judah's clothes while Judah was seen wearing...nothing.

Yesterday afternoon we had not one, but two farm visits, simultaneously. I ended up giving the tour to one set while Tim wrapped up the visit with the other set. This is probably good because Tim takes a much more laissez-faire approach to the clothing situation than I do. Judah was not dressed when they arrived but, having had the fear of death instilled in him, did appear at least somewhat clothed, in a shirt belonging to his older brother Timothy. Due to the age discrepancy between Timothy and Judah the shirt was quite large on him, covering all evidence (or lack thereof) of pants, underwear, etc. He bee-bopped around in this outfit quite unobtrusively until the first farm visitors (three generations of the same family) were getting ready to leave. Apparently he decided that they had not yet seen all of the wonders of the farm so while his father was busy saying goodbye, Judah stood facing them, reached down, grabbed the front of the shirt and pulled it up to cover his face.

Giving them a full view of everything under the shirt, which was nothing but flesh.

Great impression to give of the family business, son. Way to go.


Blue Heron Farm said...


Our nieces used to have a naked thing, too. We had tears once watching them do "the naked dance"
after a bath. Compete with song whose lyrics are pretty much,"The naked dance, the naked dance."

Good times.

Judy said...

When we lived out in Colorado my daughter and middle child decided here younger brother was her personal dress up doll. Trouble was she would dress him in her clothes, and he being a true no shoes boy just went with it. I was always interesting to come home from work to see my youngest son outside playing with the other kids in a yellow ruffled dress and not a care in the world. Don't tell I told you....he he