May 13, 2009

Red Ryder

Saturday was Timothy's birthday. He turned nine. I cannot believe that my first son is now nine!

At anyrate, life has been so hectic-crazy around here that we could not arrange a big shindig so his birthday was rather low key. As usual he got to pick the birthday meal and cake (pot roast, corn on the cob, napa cabbage salad and a chocolate cherry ice cream cake very ably made by Linnea). Knowing that we had two markets and a goat club meeting and a little league game all on his actual birthday he opted for his celebratory meal to be served the next day, Sunday. We invited two families but neither could come, that day being Mother's Day. But he enjoyed the meal, regardless.

The day of his birthday his dad and I and sundry children went to two different markets. We met afterwards at the goat club meeting whereupon we left said sundry children with their older sister Katie and the big van. (And unsupervised they waaaaay overcommitted themselves in tasks for the upcoming goat show!) Tim and I then drove to the Little League Fields to catch the rest of Timothy's game (his coach having kindly picked him up and brought him to the game for us). After the game Tim, Timothy and I ran errands, one of which was picking up Timothy's big birthday gift, a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. (one of the many things I have famously said "N*E*V*E*R to, only to be worn down on).

Once we arrived home with said gun, Timothy (idolized anyway by his younger siblings) was catapulted into real stardom. They didn't care if they didn't get to touch it, just being in the vicinity of the gun was honor enough and he had a faithful entourage that has yet to melt away.

The excitement of the gun has not abated. On Monday he woke up bright and early to get a good start on a day of hunting and fighting with his new Red Ryder. All went well until midday when we had a surprise visitor and Timothy learned first hand the meaning of the word "ricochet" when he accidentally shot the dairy inspector in the leg with his new BB gun.

Way to go, Timothy. Way to go, Tim. I told you he was too young!


Liese said...

Well, at least he didn't 'shoot his eye out'. Ouch though, I hope the inspector was okay about it.

Hinterlands said...

Okay, I am laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair....Did you pass inspection. LOL!!


CamsShel said...

we would have come on mother's day...if we lived 600 miles closer ;o) and, hey--at least he didn't "put an eye out, kid!"